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18. Mai 2006

Final Whistle - Stop Forced Prostitution

"A time to make friends"

But on the fringes of the games there will be people who experience neither friendship nor fairness. Because the demands for sexual services also increase and human rights organisations fear that there will be a significant increase in human trafficking for the purpose of forced prostitution as well.

Human trafficking is a booming criminal market. According to an estimate by ILO a forced prostitute earns an average US$ 67,200 a year. There is no relation between this crime and resistance and criminal proceedings thereof.

Prostitution should not be forbidden, but women who are forced into prostitution must be protected. Aims and recommendations

The aim of the campaign "Final Whistle - Stop Forced Prostitution" is to increase public awareness of the problem of forced prostitution and to call on the politicians responsible to take consequential action against these drastic infringements of human rights and women rights.

amnesty international supports the recommandations of the campaign.

Under the patronage of

  • Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin
  • Dr. Theo Zwanziger, Executive President of the German Football Federation (DFB)

Further information at

Free emergency hotline of SOLWODI: 08 000 111 777

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